My focus

In my approach, I focus on identifying and equipping you to address the common invisible toxins in your home and lifestyle that are impacting your health. I start with the home because supplements will never trump a toxic home. When the home is your trigger, the body cannot calm down and regulate. We must address the invisible triggers that are causing the body to go into cell danger response and dysregulate.

Coupled with addressing the home, I focus on replenishing and restoring important minerals and nutrients, improving the mitochondrial function, up-regulating the drainage and detox organs, helping the body to bind and eliminate toxins without depleting the body, and supporting the nervous system through strengthening the vagus tone to support a shift from sympathetic “fight and flight”. A body in sympathetic dominance cannot heal. A body triggered by invisible toxins in a home cannot regulate to heal.

The home is my starting point in addressing your health.

When you fail to address this key foundational piece of your health, you can end up chasing symptom after symptom for years and financially drain resources.

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