At Be Naturally Well, we focus on identifying the root cause of your illness, building up your body, and shifting the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual body into regeneration. We accomplish this process through “Foundational Care” which is comprised of addressing the toxicity in your home, replenishing the body, and fostering a healing mindset.

Toxins in your home and diet/lifestyle are triggers for dysregulation in the body. We identify the toxins and deficiencies, then shift to replenishing the body and upregulating systems that are often offline or not functioning optimally. 


  • Clean up the home
  • Address the toxins
  • Stop the leaks and water intrusion
  • Eliminate toxins in your lifestyle, diet, home
  • Remove the toxic relationships
  • Equip the home to decontaminate toxins instead of address the toxins
  • Inspect and test the home for toxins instead of clean up the home


  • Improve your bio-terrain
  • Remove the toxins
  • Replenish minerals and nutrients
  • Heal and seal the gut
  • Open drain and detox pathways
  • Regulate and balance the nervous system and HPA
  • Balance yin and yan
  • Open the meridian organ channels
  • Nourish damaged mitochondria


  • Clean up your thoughts and mindset
  • Shift the toxic patterns
  • Heal the traumas from childhood, and generational patterns
  • Shift the mindset to healing and away from illness
  • Biofeedback support for unconscious and trauma patterns


Most homes are toxic and triggering the body to dysregulate and have a heavy toxic burden. When the home is toxic, so is the body.  There are many doctors and practitioners who specialize in Environmental Acquired Illness, but they do NOT focus on the home like Naturally Well does. We must address the home.


Many body’s are burdened, down-regulated, and dysregulated from toxins that impact how the body functions. I help you improve your health by identifying the toxins and deficiencies in your home and lifestyle that are making, and keeping you sick. Together we restore, replenish, and revive the body.


Chronic illness can do a number on one’s mindset and belief in health, healing, and wellness. Healing is possible! Our body is powerful in its complex design, and when given the right environment with the right nourishment and support, it can heal.

I am now again a functional adult, thank you so much Christine!

Christine Knapp-Phillips


To Be Naturally Well one must understand the role of toxins in your life. Having a toxin-free home is essential. Being able to clear toxins from the body is another essential facet.

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