Improving your health and wellness begins with awareness.

Awareness leads to education, and education leads to empowerment.

We focus on identifying the root cause of your illness, building up your body, and shifting the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual body into regeneration. We accomplish this process through “Foundational Care” which is comprised of addressing the toxicity in your home, replenishing the body, and fostering a healing mindset.

Be Naturally Well

Foundational Care

What is it? Foundational care is multi-faceted. We not only look at the body, but we focus on the home environment too. Toxins in your home and diet/lifestyle are triggers for dysregulation in the body. We identify the toxins and deficiencies, then shift to replenishing the body and upregulating systems that are often offline or not functioning optimally. Minerals/Nutrients, stomach acid, digestion, phases of liver detox , kidney excretion, bile flow, active bowels, lymph movement, and an active vagus nerve are essential for a vital and healthy life.

Work With Me

Let’s discover what opened the door to your illness and symptoms. Let’s identify the toxins, and support your body at a cellular level. To BeNaturallyWell one must understand the role of toxins in your life. Having a toxin free home is essential. Being able to clear toxins from the body is another essential facet. Mold and mycotoxins are what took my health down. Let’s team up and optimize your home and health!

Our Focus


Many homes are toxic and triggering the body to dysregulate and have a heavy toxic burden. When the home is toxic, so is the body. We must address the home.


Many body’s are burdened, down-regulated, dysregulated from toxins that impact how the body functions. Together we restore, replenish, and revive the body.
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Chronic illness can do a number on one’s mindset and belief in health, healing, wellness. Healing is possible! Our body is powerful in its complex design, and when given the right environment with the right nourishment and support, it can heal.

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Your home should be a healing sanctuary...

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"Within two weeks my eyebrows grew back. I also lost 6 pounds doing absolutely nothing different. Have less chronic pain, more energy, resolved sinus issues, etc"
Jennifer Carpenter

Did you know? 24% of society have the genetic haplotype HLA-DR for mold and biotoxin illness.

Did you know? carriers of the HLA-DR gene are more susceptible to other chronic diseases.

“I just got my 6 week follow up ERMI score back, yesterday. Six weeks ago, our ERMI was 16.67. Now it is 1.67. I did no special cleaning during that time. I am just ready to dance in the streets because I have been trying to reduce the mycotoxins in our house for over 3 years. So stressful! All the damn cleaning and afraid to even bring anything into the house! I don’t know when they came on the market, but sure wish I would have known about them earlier.“
Amy Crutchfield Kasparzk