Naturally Well germinated out of illness

Hello, my name is Christine Knapp-Phillips.  I am a holistic nurse practitioner with over 20 years experience in “health care.”

I left the broken and corrupt health care system when I received my own diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013, which helped me to realize that treating symptoms and not the root cause was a major factor in my declining health.

I believe I have a God-given call to inspire others to steward our body, our land, and our animals. 

I feel a strong calling to return to the natural laws and order of health

I desire for every patient and family to be educated, empowered, and equipped to become natural healers in their home and community.  I desire for wisdom to be imparted and passed down, and for each household to be a sanctuary of health, wellness, and recovery.

what i do

My specialty

My specialty is Environmental Acquired Illness, a large umbrella that encompasses cancer, autoimmunity, and overlaps with many other diagnoses.

My discovery

Mold and mycotoxins are what took my health down and as a result I learned that at the root of all illness is depletion and toxicity.

My approach

My approach includes addressing the toxins in your home, lifestyle and replenishing the body.

Are you ready to make linear gains in your recovery? 

Tired of being on the hamster wheel?  Naturally Well focuses on getting to the root of your illness and is committed to helping you get back to living a normal and vital life.

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