Membership Agreement


By joining BE NATURALLY WELL and any venue in which this Ministry provides its offerings and Missions, whether online on any platform or in person at any physical venue, I affirm the terms of this Membership Agreement as follows.

Mindful of the protections and guarantees by the Constitution of the United States, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and in honor of our God given, inalienable rights, this Private Ministerial Association (PMA) and its loyal members declare the objective of this Association is to conduct contracts, including but not limited to business contracts, in the Private Domain.

Congruent with the Constitution of the United States, the constitutions of the several states of the union, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and in honor of our God given, inalienable rights, we act in Spiritual Authority to exercise our rights of absolute freedom not limited to religion, free speech, and especially to sere on another in communion, or as an assembly of lawful, living men, women, and children. Further, we emphasize that our Private Association activities are limited to the Private Domain, apart from the Public Domain, which is a separate jurisdiction of government entities, agencies, officers, and other bodies of their own jurisdictional power, not the Spiritual Authority BE NATURALLY WELL stands on within the Private Domain under Ecclesiastical Law of the Ministry. Since the Association is protected by the 1st, 7th, 9th, and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, it is outside the jurisdiction and authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities.


I consent to the application and/or submission of applicable materials to the Ministry for the approval of my membership.


  1. Members make educated decisions to choose whom they would like to contract with for any care, in any sense, of their mind, body, or spirit, within the association, including independently contracted service providers and any other Unincorporated Trusts, Associations, or Charities associated with the Ministry, which have ben consensual and approved by the Association(s) and noted within Meeting Minutes.
  2. To be in communion with the Ministry, Members may use anytime  media platform to accomplish their right to associate and accomplish the Ministry’s purpose or Mission(s).
  3. We exercise our free will and self-responsibility to make educated decisions about any offerings which may benefit or influence the human psychology, anatomy, energetic body, mind, or spirit, especially by ways of testing related to energetic testing using God’s physical responses of design, data, patterns, analyses, assessments, tests, labs, samples, or scans and attempting treatments, support, restoration, or regeneration.


  1. Considering the nature of alternative care that Members of the Association may offer me, and understanding the Private Domain, I am conscious of the fact that which is elaborated in (1) does not receive ANY monetary support or reimbursement to provide for my desires, needs, contracts, or any agreements with any offering offered by BE NATURALLY WELL and any unincorporated entities associated with BE NATURALLY WELL. Given the fact that the Ministry and its Members contract under common law with other Members, I have clarity that all situations that require resolution require direct interaction with the Ministry, Ministerial Guides, other Ministry Leadership and/or appropriate ecclesiastical law.

  2. I understand that this Ministry may not participate in medical and liability insurance, and neither is applicable to the jurisdiction of this Private Ministry and its Contracted Service Provider(s). I agree not to seek any remedy for relief in the Public Domain.

  3. Further, I understand that this Ministry and its Service Provider(s) do not keep privacy of records according to other jurisdictional laws such as the FDA, FTC, Medicare, Medicaid, my person’s insurance company, or the State Medical Board, as I lawfully refuse to share outside the Private Domain of this Ministry, according to this membership Agreement.

  4. I agree that all records, papers, processes, and information is kept within the Ministry between the contract of the Ministry, the Member, and the Service Provider(s) only unless expressly written and signed in agreement to be released to another entity among the three parties, which includes myself. I agree that a violation of this process –  especially to this clause to submit for relief to a public insurance entity and/or to release any binding papers of my care – would result in a no contest legal proceeding against me.

  5. Further, I agree not to file a lawsuit in nature of malpractice, civil, or any other suit, against a fellow Member, Ministry Leader, or Service Provider of the Association, unless that member has maliciously forced me to a “clear and present danger of substantive evil” of “criminal intent.” If some such danger arises, I will make a prompt grievance report to the Association for an equitable decision against the other Member, Ministry Leader, or Service Provider. With peace, I know that every Member of this Private Ministerial Association has my best interest at heart and does not become a Service Provider or Ministry Leader without full alignment in the Ministry’s intentions and values, as they are with God in their spirit serving with genuine care and a divinely gifted guidance.


  1. I willingly agree to act in capacity of a Member and abide by current Bylaws of BE NATURALLY WELL and understand that any adopted Bylaws shall be adopted for the benefit of my membership and the Private Ministerial Association.

  2. I understand that I may withdraw my Membership from BE NATURALLY WELL at any time.

  3. I understand that membership fees of this ministry can be accomplished whether by way of entering a website, signing a physical or electronic form, making a physical attendance, purchasing a package or service offering or subscription, or any other means relevant to the nature of the process in which this Ministry provides service to others – and have been clearly communicated to me and should be clearly communicated to me in advance should they ever be amended.

  4. I understand the Private Property Rights of private intellectual content, uncontracted misuse of assets, and any information shared among the Ministry Leadership and Members is hereby attached a fine.

  5. In the event that a Member has been coerced by any agent, officer, or body serving by manipulation to draw information from a Member of the Ministry, about and therefore against the Ministry’s private acts, services, education, child uprising, land stewardship, well care, or any like category in which the Ministry serves others, the Members liability transfers to the agent, officer, or body coercing the Ministry’s Member at a fine established by the Trustees of BE NATURALLY WELL.

  6. In alignment with the values set forth, and with deep respect for BE NATURALLY WELL and the Missions and Intentions of those serving in Ministry Leadership, I affirm that my activities within the Private Association are a private, contractual matter that I refuse to share with any outside jurisdiction, including Local, State, or Federal Investigative or enforcement agencies. Further, I fully agree not to pursue any course of legal action outside of the Tribunals of BE NATURALLY WELL, and according to the process(es) to accomplish resolution made aware to me by the Association.

  7. I recognize, acknowledge, and understand that no Member at any level within BE NATURALLY WELL has intent to harm me, my loved ones, my peers, or any other Member of the Collective, and will not seek resolution unless an individual member exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil, and the recommendation and approval of the Association is expressed and approved in writing as the Ministry hols a deep consideration for the well-being of all God’s Children and has right to fair and reasonable resolution within the Ministry Tribunals and processes for consideration firstly, as God as its witness. Further, any such serious conflict shall remain isolated to the specific person(s) involved and not reflect on the Ministry, Ministry Leadership, or Collective as collective act(s).
  8. Even more, I emphatically confirm, under judgement of Christ, that I do not represent any Local, State, or Federal agency whose purpose and intent is to monitor, regulate, enforce, or carry out any mission that may inhibit the deeply held beliefs, values, and God-given gifts or performance of the sharing of those gifts in efforts to entrap or investigate the intentions, beliefs, values, and practices of this Private Ministerial Association (PMA).

  9. I have read and understood the works within this Membership Agreement and feel fulfilled of the benefits, rights, and overstanding Spiritual Authority empower in me through my consensual contract with BE NATURALLY WELL. Any questions that I have self-responsibly made the Ministry aware of by my own conscious, accountable voicing, were answered thoroughly – and are of satisfaction to my being – for the forming of my educated decision to contract with the Association. I have awareness in the terms set fort in relation to my membership and the benefits and restrictions associated with my contracting or revoking of membership through either my expressed termination or quiet action to withdrawal as a member, in any obvious form or action in which the Ministry executes membership agreements (i.e. formal notification, continuous/long term physical absence, electronic unsubscribing, not paying dues, etc.) unless otherwise arranged. I know that I may terminate my membership with the Association at any time but that my term(s) of membership are still valid and applicable through that active term and can be used applicably to the contents of this Membership Agreement Articles and the liability section of the Bylaws of BE NATURALLY WELL including but not limited to any interactions with other agencies, past conflicts, resolutions, or content that I may have shared by the Association.

  10. I express affirmation of peace with Ministry Values, alignment with the Ministry’s Intentions, agreement to conduct contracts, relations, networking, and any conversations and affairs within the Ministry with a peaceful and conscious demeanor, always seeking resolution with perspective from both sides of any more inflamed interactions. At all costs, I avoid violence or harm towards mind, body, and spirit of fellow Members and Ministry Leadership. Furthermore, I acknowledge and agree that my membership can and will be immediately revoked at any time with any expression of activity or behavior that cumulatively or isolatedly is deemed abusive, violent, menacing, destructive, harassing, mentally manipulative, threatening, or malicious of the mind, body, or spirit to any member of the Ministry Leadership or its Collective Members. 

  11. I voluntarily, without coercion, enter this change to my capacity from that of a public person to that of a Private Member of BE NATURALLY WELL and accept all limitations, rights, and authorities restricted or granted.