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Is your home toxic? Are mold and mycotoxins in your home keeping you sick? Health and wellness begins at home. Learn how to properly access your home.

Your home should be a healing sanctuary...

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"Within two weeks my eyebrows grew back. I also lost 6 pounds doing absolutely nothing different. Have less chronic pain, more energy, resolved sinus issues, etc"
Jennifer Carpenter

Did you know? 24% of society have the genetic haplotype HLA-DR for mold and biotoxin illness.

Did you know? carriers of the HLA-DR gene are more susceptible to other chronic diseases.

“I just got my 6 week follow up ERMI score back, yesterday. Six weeks ago, our ERMI was 16.67. Now it is 1.67. I did no special cleaning during that time. I am just ready to dance in the streets because I have been trying to reduce the mycotoxins in our house for over 3 years. So stressful! All the damn cleaning and afraid to even bring anything into the house! I don’t know when they came on the market, but sure wish I would have known about them earlier.“
Amy Crutchfield Kasparzk